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this is the fox report. tonight some people camped out overnight guarantee they would get a glimpse of an early morning implosion. but moments after crews ignited the fuse, something went wrong. and screams for help filled the air. and it is now sunday in most countries in the muslim world. the order activate to do close consulates and embassies in hot spots in the evening region. a day we were told could bring deep concerns about american security. the threat is specific. the targets are not. but it's happening in the part of the world where america and our allies are often hated. tonight we know more about what
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could lie ahead as changes are being made to protect our own. also an appeal to stop the early release of 10,000 prisoners denied. one state is forced to let the inmates go free because of overcrowding. fox report, the number one concern now is publicovercrowdi. fox reports the number one concern now is public safety. and, coming to america from spain, the great bull run. you don't have to head overseas for this adrenaline rush. america on high alert as the sun rises on a sunday on the other side of the world. several of our conflicts and embassies, the face of america in a foreign country will remain concerned about a threat that is real. in countries like yemen, jordan and egypt.
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beefing up additional security with troops and check points in the hopes of deterring any attacks. all told more than 2,000 embassies will remain closed as of today, sunday, in that part of the world. the state department also issuing a global travel alert to any american traveling overseas, warning us to be on the lookout for any public place, especially transit systems. this is the first time a warning on this broad scale has been issued since september 11, 2011. confirmed details about the threat remains scarce, but lawmakers say the u.s. intercepted terrorist communications that are warning about a possible terror attack particularly in the middle east, north africa and the arare yan peninsula. molly begins our report from washington. what have you heard from the white house? >> the white house said president obama was briefed this morning on the al qaeda terror
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threat and will continue to get updates throughout the weekend. the president is pending his birthday weekend. he turns 52 tomorrow, at camp david. according to public reports he picked up increased chatter. kapting a terror attack could be carried out in the coming days. also hearing from general martin dempsey, the joint chiefs of staff and indicates they are targeting western interest not just u.s. interest. she's what general dempsey told a abc news about the intelligence. t is specific. yes, there is a significant threat stream and we're reacting to it. >> on capitol hill republican congressman peter king said there is, quote, very specific information that there aa plot but not clear where it's aimed. >> we understand the focus seems to be on yemen.
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>> that's where al qaeda and the arabian peninsula is based. yes, the focus is on yemen and all of the arare yan peninsula. the plot could be carried out there or could bibiing planned there. according to one foxnews military analyst if al queda groups have been linking up, the threat is not limited to that area. >> they can threaten wide areas of the world. american interests and wide areas of the world, and do it with impunity. we learn r learned in benghazi, what happens when you don't out threat alerts. surely this is the prudent thing to do but shows how america's influence is waning in these parts of the world. >> britain, france and germany also closed their embassies in yemen tomorrow. >> molly, thank you very much. joining me is ambassador john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations.
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thanks for your opinion on this. ambassador we heard this before. what is the truth about this threat? >> you have to consider this to be a very serious threat. i racked my memory for a case where so many state department embassies and consoulates have been closed at the same time and haven't come up with one. i think they're very concerned about the nature of the conspiracy they uncovered. they clearly don't know where although the state department's travel warning which was issued friday actually was fairly specific. it says the threat will emanate from or occur on the arare yan pi peninsula. that's where they're most concerned but they know it could be in a variety of other places as well. this is not something overhyped. when you have people's lives at stake it's best to be prudent. that's what both the closures and travel warning are intended for. >> we confirmed with the state
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department this threat lasts through august. do you trust that? we can't keep the diplomatic buildings closed forever, what happens after august? >> the closure is intended just for sunday. they'll look at it on a day by day basis. it's the travel warning that extends through august. that's significant. our government has a responsibility to protect its officials overseas but also has a responsibility to protect american citizens. when you get a warning, the highest level of that kind of document the state department issues for a full month, it's basically saying, be very, very cautious about traveling in those areas, and that's not something the government issues lightly. the countries that are involved take this as a real slack, because it's saying to people, don't go to visit tourist sites, don't go to conduct business, all the other governments of the world look at what the united states does. so basically saying you're in danger for a month, have a real impact on the economies of those countries. >> absolutely.
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well, ambassador, if we're shutting down facilities, keeping our people away from certain countries in the region, most of the muslims who want the u.s. out of the arab world of getting what they wanted through a threat. >> well, i think in the specific context of the -- of what we've apparently uncovered, i just think it's the only sensible thing to do is close these posts, at least for this day. i think there's a much larger question at issue here when the united states seized one of its ambassadors, killed in benghazi on september 11, yearly a year has gone by. no retaliation, no penalties imposed. nobody brought into custody that the signal of american weaknesses is unmistakable. i think it's this broader problem that needs addressing and needs addressing soon. the northeast and north africa are spinning into chaos and the absence of the united states are
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undoubtedly part of the cause. >> you're getting me to my next question. ambassador bolton, this president said the policies will make us safer but people have been benghazi, libya, other americans taken out. what specifically is not working? >> the united states under president obama has taken the view that actually it's american strength, visibility, prominence, determination that provokes or enemies and if we're less visible, less strong, less insistent on protecting american interests that our adversaries will take that to heart and the region will be a safer place. i ty it's exactly the opposite. i think it's american weakness that's provocative, benghazi is just about the perfect example of that weakness. our adversaries say, look, if you can kill the president's personal representatives in libya and get away with it. there's practically no limit to what you can do. that's at least part of the
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basis of the thinking of al qaeda and other terrorists that come up with the plot that we're looking at now. >> the president's key representative. it's like walking out our value system on other soil. the current administration has had numerous intelligent leaks. i wonder how exposed are we with those intelligence leaks? >> i think they are very dangerous. some are for political advantage. the subject of intelligence is very important. we don't know how we picked up the information that gave rise to the travel warning and post closures but i bet at least part of it comes from these nsa programs that have been so hotly debated looking for patterns of communication over the internet and things that are posted on websites. you know, when you look at all your intelligence, you're looking at every source that you can use. so while we've had a lot of hype and hysteria, frankly, about threats to privacy of american citizens, it's the protection of americans from foreign threats,
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terrorists and other adversaries that these intelligence systems are designed to pick up. this is intended to spy on foreigners who hate the united states. and i got to believe these programs help contribute to the conclusion that we needed to take these steps. >> we're fortunate to be able to cover some ground with you, some good ground with you tonight. before i let you go, why sunday august 4 for this terrorist threat from al qaeda? >> well, there's a lot of speculation about significant dates. the coming at the end of ram dan and the like. s it could be there's a political significance to the date. could also be al qaeda's plans and capabilities have come together. we've had prison breaks in iraq, libya, pakistan, naturally other country, interpolicy, national association that the chiefs of police highlighted today. possible al qaeda operatives now out and plan to take advantage of that. i'm not sure we'll learn the
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details because that might divulge the sensitive sources and methods that brought this to our attention. >> ambassador john bolton thank you for your experience and perspective tonight, sir. >> thank you, glad to be with you. >> as just mentioned. int interpol now warn to increase vigilance. the agency now saying, al qaeda may have been involved in that. interpol is also working with all its member countries to try to track down the escaped prisoners and to determine whether the prison breaks may have been coordinated. >> right now, severe weather moving across the nation's mid section. we're getting word now that a twister has touched down in northeast colorado. we've learned about this last hour but now we have more specifics on this. the storm, we're told, possibly
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producing additional tornadoes. so those people now in a warning box, that red that you see there. they're being told to get ready to seek shelter immediately. some of them are already in their storm shelters we hope. meteorologist janice steen will be up with an update who is in the danger path in a moment or two. also roughly 1,000 people came to watch this power plant implosion, but in a sudden turn of events, same of those same spectators were hurt, badly, including one man whose leg doctors may not be able to save. stay close. i'm here at my house on thanksgiving day,
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confirmed in the past hour a twister has touched down in colorado. meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox storm weather center. >> yes, we're watching the tornadoes develop as well. across the northern central rockies and high plains. our main concern this evening is for eastern colorado where we have a tornado watch until 10:00 p.m. mountain time. the warnings south of greely. this storm, north eastern colorado, confirmed tornado with the supercell, five miles west of greely, as wells tennis-ball sized hail and confirmed several tornadoes from the supercell. moving southward we have a tornado warning north eastern albert county. moving south 5 to 10 miles per hour, not moving quickly, with
4:17 pm
this the potential of heavy tornadoes large hail. and very heavy downpours. the severe threat will continue through the evening hours across the areas that you see shaded in yellow including colorado moving towards kansas. i want to show you, a lot of people are saying this is tornado season, technically it's anywhere from march through august. but the peak is really in the spring time where you have the clash of two air masses, harris, when you have the rocky mountains you could have potential for strong cold fronts and with that potential for severe weather including tornadoes. >> all right, janice, we'll check in with you. thank you. >> at least three people hurt in a power plant implosion in california. they were watching this in bakers field. authorities say shrapnel went flying during the demolition of the steam power plant. hundreds of people were watching this. a 43-year-old man was taken to a
4:18 pm
trauma center. doctors are trying to save his leg. >> they looked down. i guess his leg was cut pretty bad. a lot of people said his foot was missing and all torn up. >> unfortunately he lost one of his legs. others suffered minor injuries. one well enough to talk about what happened. >> a piece of metal shrapnel hit a young lady and hit me in the knee as well. >> authorities say a crowd gathered about 1,000 feet from the implosion site. a spokesperson said they were told it would be a safe distance. the case of edward snowden reporting to the grand jury investigation of the company that looked at his background for his security clearance. the wall street journal is looks how u.s. investigation services conducts background checks. the company was responsible for
4:19 pm
giving snowden the all clear on his security review and as for edward snowden is enjoying a bit of freedom after living inside of an airport for a month. russia granted him temporary asylum. it's good for one year. >> the wall street journal also reporting the feds are now moving to surveillance tactics more closely associated with the underworld of computer hacking. the fbi reportedly keeping a closer eye on criminal suspects by accessing their computers. the hacking is seen as a way of monitoring some bad guys who learned to communicate in ways that cannot be wire-tapped. one technique secretly activating the microphone that runs on some devices. the method still requires permission from the court. the supreme court say, let them go. one state is forced to release 10,000 inmates by the end of the year because of overcrowding. now there are concerns about what that ruling could mean for everybody else. public safety an issue.
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>> harris: the brave woman we saw face a monster in court actually returned to the crime scene. it was a story that seemed to get harder to and tell with each detail we learned. three women held hostage for more than a decade in cleveland by a kidnapper and rapist. ariel castro sentenced to life without parole this week plus a thousand years. and michelle knight has returned to cass castro's
4:24 pm
home. her former prison of sorts. she thanked the neighbors for their support and took pictures with them as you see here. castro took her first and then the others. torturing them in unthinkable ways. in way, michelle knight was rescued after one of them escaped and got help. knight spoke at castro's sentencing hearing last week. you may have watched it, saying his hell is just beginning. he pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty, as for castro's house, the city turned it over to a nonprofit. it's set to be torn down. neighbors will. michelle knight wants the home to be replaced with a garden with an angel in it 10,000 convicts in california could be released from behind bars by the end of the year. the supreme court has refused to overturn a lower court's ruling and thattens moo the state's prison sentence is forced to reduce its inmate population by december 31st. the order is intended to
4:25 pm
ease overcrowding. state prison officials say letting thousands of prisoners walk free will create an intense public safety risk. dominic di-natale is live for us with the news from los angeles tonight. dom, are they really going to let go dangerous challenges. >> that's what california's governor jerry brown has repeatedly warned about, harris. the state prisons are packed with some the most violent and dangerous convicts. if you are going it reduce that population, there is concern over who will be set free. brown has tried to delay releases from happening. california's prisons are overcrowded by a third of their maximum capacity and the municipal court is saying the state is illustrate having the 8th amendment ban on cruel and unusual punishment. legal experts say the public security risk is hard to calculate at this stage. >> statistically, there is no evidence that reducing prison sentences by a small amount actually increases the crime rate. but we really haven't seen this kind of large number at one time be released.
4:26 pm
so we only have to hope that releasing this number won't change the statistics from the past. >> a lot of people hoping that here in california. one other thing that he adds is despite governor brown's likely appeal, we could see prisoners set free, harris, within weeks. >> harris: wow. it got to the point where they are letting 10,000 prisoners go, what has california been doing to reduce its prison population? >> well, california actually kind of can't afford to build new jails which is what you think might stuck for other options. habit of less risky into county jails. that's why the most dangerous criminals are in state prisons. shorter sentences would help as i think saying just a moment ago, preventing serious crimes, of course, would be most preferable but that is not easy to do. another thing pointed out actually was the last 50 years federal courts have had all of the against california jails that
4:27 pm
simply have too many prisoners to fit into the kind of facilities that are here. after five decades, harris of that. the authorities still aren't able to fix the overcrowding problem. back to you. >> harris: dominic di-natale thank you very much. can we safely protect our own embassies and consulates overseas. is al qaeda really on the run? serious questions about a serious terror threat to american lives abroad. retired four star general jack keane will join us. trying to save an icon of the ancient world. what officials are doing in italy to try to preserve the coliseum in rome. the running of the bulls. you don't have to go to spain anymore. can you get that fun right here in america. how about that? where would they do that exactly? like jersey? [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great.
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>> harris: i'm harris faulkner. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. a terror threat putting u.s. on high alert sparking a global travel warning for all americans. a warning that will remain in effect through the end of the month. one top lawmaker says the threat is specific and the state department is not taking any chances. 22 embassies and consulates from north africa to east asia closed. some of them may stay longer depending on the threat level. general jack keane is a retired four star journal
4:32 pm
and fox news analyst. we appreciate your time, sir. thank you. >> glad to be here. >> harris: i have read you think this is happening because al qaeda thinks we are weak. why? >> absolutely. certainly after 9/11, we clearly had al qaeda on the run because we respond sod clearly to that threat and we intercepted a lot of other threats. and we killed a bunch of their leaders in the process. they have had time to regroup. even though we finally killed usama bin laden. the fact of the matter is they have never ever, harris, given up on their objectives, which is to dominate all muslim countries in the world, strategic objective number one, and the means to achieve that is to drive the united states and the west out of the region so they can have their way. so, they have been spreading in to other countries so they can dominate those countries. that pattern has now taken place around the middle east. they are clearly on the rise. and they are emboldened by benghazi. and that's the harsh truth
4:33 pm
of it. they did not expect to have the kind of success they had that night. and it was extraordinary what they were able to achieve in killing an ambassador and burning the consulate to the ground, killing three others and forcing the evacuation of a cia base. but, look what we didn't do. we should have immediately come in there that night and the next morning, even though the forces couldn't get there in time to save that fight, they should have seized those facilities, planted a flag, brought the fbi in, conducted an investigation, and then immediately, because we knew in 24 hours who did it, harris. >> harris: sure. >> we identified them. the cia identified them. we should have gone after them much as we did after 9/11. three weeks after 9/11, we were in afghanistan driving the al qaeda into the ground. >> general, you have said so much there twain trail
4:34 pm
many times. in fact we have a little snippet of it from last october. that al qaeda is on the run. you just said and i wrote it down. no they are not. they are on the rise. let's watch the president and then i document talk with you after. >> i said we will refocus on 00 people who actually attacked us on 9/11 and today al qaeda is on the run and usama bin laden is dead. >> harris: on the run, on the rise. those are polar opposites. why is the president getting it wrong, in your estimation? >> i think there was a you for are a killing usama bin laden. we have never intellectually come to grips with what this movement truly is. it is a political movement designed to dominated most of the world. we sort of ignore that certainly to control the region that we have a lot of interest n the middle east. secondly, it is an ideology grounded in theological and philosophical beliefs that drives it, using jihad to achieve their end, so when you kill a leader, harris, like usama bin laden, the
4:35 pm
movement goes on. if you kill qaddafi, the regime changes. everything is different. if you drive mubarak out, the regime changes, everything is different. you kill leaders in the al qaeda movement and the movement goes on. it doesn't stop because of their commitment to their belief system. and they are on the move in the middle east and you cannot deny the facts where they are and what they are reaching out to. >> harris: you know he, it's so interesting what you say, general, understanding the enemy is the primmer that you are giving us right now. you say our greatest failing though with current policy is that we haven't actually come up with a military strategy, based on what you just said, understanding the enemy. instead, what do we have? >> well, i will be very frank here. i believe two administrations have failed to come up with a comprehensive strategy to defeat the al qaeda. it's much more than a military strategy. and even when you -- and if you ask anybody, what is is the strategy to defeat al
4:36 pm
qaeda. i mean, there isn't any. then there is a military strategy? i don't think so. the only military strategy we have is to use drones that kill their leaders tactic instrument all it is is it is not a strategy. so, here we set. we still don't have a comprehensive strategy to deal with the threat that clearly threatens u.s. interest and most definitely the measure people. >> most immediately though how protect you brought up benghazi we lost ambassador chris stevens and three other americans that night. beyond threat military wise. you were a former yen.
4:37 pm
the best defense is a very good offense. and we don't have an offense. let me say that and i think i have explained that the second thing, when it comes to defending embassies, we know how to do this, look at afghanistan and look at iraq. we are defending those embassies, we are not relying on host country support because they don't have capacity. that was our problem in tripoli and also in benghazi and libya. the host country did not have capacity, so we should have been defending those embassies with security forces provided by private contracts at a minimum and of military forces if necessary. believe me, given some of the security companies that are out there, they know how to do that they are doing it in kabul and doing it in baghdad. in these high threat areas, harris, where our embassies are threatened, if we had any reservations whatsoever about the host country being able to protect our interest there and most definitely protect our people, then we should be
4:38 pm
defending those embassies where there is not going going to be a penetration and we know how to do. that is this administration complacent or why isn't it getting that done? >> you betcha they have been complacent. there is no doubt about it our policy, harris in the middle east has been to disengage. think about what happened in tripoli, for a year after qaddafi was deplozzed we had a series of tacks take place threatening al qaeda interest. al sharia was undermining a pro-western government, admittedly weak, that had been elected, and the fact of the matter is, they want to impose their will by drifn out western interest. doesn't that sound like al qaeda's overall strategy for the region? one series of attack after another was taking place there. and we ignored it. we did not defend our interest. we have got to recognize that this enemy fully
4:39 pm
intends to kill us. and we have to protect ourselves in that dangerous part of the world and we have to stay on offense if we want to protect the people on defense back here in the united states. >> before i let you go, tomorrow is president obama's birthday. the iranian president will be officially sworn, in and coincidently, we are closing 22 diplomatic facilities all on the same day. it's already sunday there. shouldn't even say tomorrow anymore. it's already happening. the timing of all of this is interesting. is any of it worth noting when you are looking at an enemy and planning to attack that enemy? >> well, i think this is their plan and their strategy and al qaeda has always been interested in symbols and symbolology, it doesn't surprise me. the alert that's gone out has something to do with timing more than place. but it is interesting that in yemen other western
4:40 pm
embassies have shut down. not just our own and they have not in other places. so i think the al qaeda has conceptualized the plan. it probably has some symbolology for them. i'm not convinced it it has a lot of taksim -- symbolology for others. should take some credit for it i hope those who are trying to push back on electronic surveillance recognize the value of electronic surveillance. it is the number one source of intelligence we have against an enemy that is decentralized and is in the shadows. >> harris: interesting, you and ambassador john bolton both mentioning that surveillance point tonight. king, we appreciate your time tonight. thank you very much. you have given us so much to think about. again, it is sunday, this has already begun, this extra alert that we are
4:41 pm
for americans overseas in our embassies. thank you, sir. >> good talking to you, harris. >> harris: we'll move on now. gawkers couldn't help but get too close for their own good. why not? it's not every day a sink hole this big seems to seemingly come out of nowhere. where this happened and why it will have you thinking you're not in kansas anymore. plus, when you see this you think it spain, right? severe injuries from being gored by a bull. some of the headlines, why the running of the bowls may be expanding to our country. and one of the most fame mus musicians in america tried to break into suburban detroit home. kid rock offered a reward and tonight an update. ♪ i was born free. i started a week ago going pro with crest pro-health.
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outside of detroit, police have map in custody, the oakland county michigan sheriff's department is crediting tips from the public leading to the arrest of the man you see there after pictures from security cameras outside the kid rock mansion were released. suspect there on crutches. police say they arrested 43-year-old man at his home this morning.
4:46 pm
th from the sphirt of st. louis airplane. a 41-year-old pilot and little girl who was his passenger were killed. their flight plan had them headed to texas to refuel and then on to ers a no word on the cause of the crash, but we are told it was foggy. fedex. a driver slammed his pickup truck right into lake houston. he says he accidently stepped on the gas instead of the break caught in the path a woman fishing on the bank the lake. she has minor injuries. a driver was rescued from the water. is he okay. kansas. a giant sink hole. >> i have seen pictures and i thought it was deep but i didn't know it was this deep. get out here and see a
4:47 pm
whole different. >> gap opened up north of sharch springs. gap 290 feet across. 90 feet deep. florida, a 35-year-old man from chattanooga tennessee just completed a trip from cuba all the way to the florida keys. >> the season never died down. >> big free bird 28 six minutes he says it was tough but nothing beats the pain. >> >> you can stop and enjoy the beauty of it, too. the color of the water. things that you, you know, that mother nature has placed in the water that you pass along the way. >> harris: that's a fox watch across america. >> harris: americans love a come back, and if this one works, it could be big. the new york does mows. i don't know if you remember them. they were once one the best soccer teams in the world, boasting a lineup included the best player that ever hit the field pay pelee.
4:48 pm
>> brian? >> the new york cosmos have drawn a huge crowd tonight against the fort lauderdale strikers. first time fans are able to cheer for this iconic franchise since the 1980s. we were the rock stars of the serves. >> new york cosmos the most famous name in the history of american soccer. from hay day in the mid 1970s, the team fielded some the greatest players on the road. including the best player ever pelee. >> i decided to come and play cosmo because i think it was important with the football. within 10 years it was finished. attendance was down as interest in soccer plummeted leaving them no choice but to leave the north american soccer league. >> 1, 2, 3. now the cosmos are back in
4:49 pm
new york with the honorary president. they have ambitious business plan in place to build a new stadium on long island. they hope to score fans and provide a massive economic boost to the new york city area. >> we're talking about 500 construction jobs. 2,000 permanent jobs. countless part-time jobs. >> now now, the team must concentrate on the first season back to the field in nearly 30 years as they attempt to bring championship soccer back to the big apple. >> i want to ask all the people who support us know some years ago to come back to support now because we are here again. >> >> they are here again. you know what? who so are the fans who honored pele before tonight's game a thanks to the past as they look to the future. >> harris: and creating jobs very much. pele looked good, didn't he? they look like small robots, they are not toys. they are on a mission, teaching stins vital information. and -- different subject. i'm on red eye tonight with
4:50 pm
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4:53 pm
>> harris: move is dispind to protect it from car pollution which has blacken dollars parts of it in recent years. there is a mountain of trouble threatening the future of the 2,000-year-old historical wonder. including fears its foundation is beginning to sink. little good news, long delayed repairs are now in the works. the running of the bulls.
4:54 pm
spain, of course, now coming to a town near you or at least a whole loss closer to us. an event called the great bull run will open in u.s. cities later this year. inspired by the annual running of the bulls in pamplona spain, of course. organizers plan to it let the powerful animals run through courses that are fenced in and at the same time you can run along with them. try not to get trampled. first city, richmond, virginia. one of our viewers, william young just tweeted me they should do this on capitol hill. perhaps they would get something done. thank you, william, i retweeted you. robots that look like animals. one newly designed robot crawled like a baby turtle. the name is flipper bot. this robot is on a mission. jonathan serrie explains. >> it's called flipper bot. a robot created the georgia tech to mimic the movement of baby sea turtles scurrying from their nest to the ocean. >> they inserted their flipper like limb into the
4:55 pm
ground and push themselves forward bending the wrist. we thought this was an interesting bit of mechanics. >> physics meets biology in photographer daniel goldman's lab where he and his team of students have rebuilt robots imitating ants, and snakes. >> researchers are study things in nature. rebuild to emulate the movement to see if there are practical application to the military, conservation, or search and rescue. >> we think that the principles we are discovering can be transferred on to real hardened robots to give them new capabilities to move around in loose material like that found after in disaster sites nor rubble piles. >> although flipper bot and sea turtles move well across undisturbed beaches, both face challenges navigating sand that's already been stepped on. by studying. this research at georgia tech may lead to new ways of protecting endangered species, wells improved robots to save human lives. in atlanta, jonathan seare, fox news.
4:56 pm
well,well, one the greatest ever to golf making quite statement today. why tiger woods was everybody on the edge of their seats again. no, it's not a scandal, it's golf. the round of his life. the whole story in case you missed it. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve.
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4:59 pm
ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. ♪ even superheroes need superheroes, and some superheroes need complete and balanced meals with 23 vitamins and minerals. help keep him strong. dog chow strong. >> harris: as we get ready for to roll out of here on a saturday night. in case you missed it, the former king of golf is trying to prove he still has got it when it comes to being on top on n. golf. tiger woods may have made his clays very clear by tieing all time round bridgestone invitational in ohio. tiger shot a 9 under par, 61. and, he backed up that performance with another decent round today, a couple under par, he is now the lead going into the final round of the tournament tomorrow. that is how fox reports on this saturday, august 3rd,
5:00 pm
2013. i'm harris faulkner. we have had a lot happening this hour. appreciate your time. stay where you are because in seven seconds there is huckabee and at 11:30 p.m. eastern, and on the west coast, red eye. >> tonight, on huckabee. >> >> we should be doing everything we can as a country to create more good jobs that pay good wages. period. >> the president talks a good talk, but what's the truth about today's job market? >> i have been long time unemployed for four years. >> i have never been unemployed, this is the first time. >> 100 resume might get one interview. >> it's depressing and it's deceiving and it's humiliating. >> tonight, the real unemployment numbers and the real stories behind them. and. >> having the freedom to start your own business because you know you will be able to get healthcare. that's about jobs. >> is it about
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